5 Tips on How To Sing Better by Sumo Entertainment JD3

Sumo Entertainment JD3 put together a list of 5 tips on how to sing better:

*Sing with the correct posture- Singing with the right posture is probably the easiest way to improve your singing voice. The posture every singer should use is called, “Tall Posture.” Using this stance will provide your diaphragm and throat with the support it needs to sing better.

-Stand with your feet apart at shoulder width

-Make sure your hips and shoulders are in line with each other; along with your hips being in line with your feet

-Make sure you are not leaning forwards or backwards and your chest is lifted

-All your knees to bend (just slightly)

*Don’t lift your chin as you sing higher- Now that you have perfected the “Tall Posture,” it is time to make sure your head and neck is in a good position. Make sure your chin is not pointing down or up. Singers tend to lift their chin when singing higher notes; try to avoid this. Make sure to keep your chin straight.

Here are some other extra tips: Relax your throat and tongue, relax your jaw, sing from the diaphragm and practice the “Farinelli” breathing exercise.

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