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A solvent trap is a cleaning accessory for a firearm. This helps catch the residue from the cleaning process, thus, making the disposal easier and environment-friendly. Solvent trap kits are easy to assemble and use. 

In the past years, solvent traps have gained popularity among those who own a firearm. This industry has then grown exponentially and is serving backlogs of several months. 

If you clean your firearm regularly, you will want to prevent it from becoming messy, and at the same time, recycle the expensive cleaning fluids. This is where solvent trap kits come in. 


How does a solvent trap work?

The solvent trap is connected to the threaded end of a firearm to catch the solvents and other by-products whenever you clean your firearm.  There are several designs, but the main goal is to capture the fluids used in cleaning, so there is a lesser mess. You will need a threaded end so that this will work properly. 

Solvent traps have one threaded end that can be attached to the firearm.  They have cups or dividers that trap the by-product. 


Knowing what you need

Once you are familiar with what solvent trap is, you can choose one based on your firearm and other accessories. The main thing is to catch the fluids so that there is very little mess. Since the primary function of the solvent trap kits is to catch the solvent, see to it that you clean your firearm regularly.


Advantages of solvent trap kits

Ease of use
A solvent trap is easy to use and can be attached to the end of your firearm. Pour the solvent down and the trap does the work so you do not have to worry about spilling it on your carpet or staining your floor. 

Solvent trap kits are easy on the pockets. Every responsible owner of a firearm should have this. Aside from keeping your firearm clean, you can also recycle the filtered solvent. 

Savings and safety
Owning a solvent trap kit can save you money and reduce the risk of a malfunctioning gun.


How to choose a solvent trap seller

There are plenty of solvent traps for sale. Some of these may not possess the good quality that you expect it to have, yet claim that it is good.  This is why when choosing a supplier, choose only a legit company such as They only sell high-quality and legally sanctioned solvent trap cleaning kits. Regardless, be sure to research before buying. 

Foreign companies will claim that they are authorized to sell, but these might not be according to US laws. So you will be safer when you choose the results from the organic search, and you will see Armory Den there. 

Armory Den provides quality solvent trap kits for your cleaning needs. You can choose from their wide range of solvent trap kits selection to see which one best fits your needs. Armory Den also caters to bulk purchases, so if you are looking into the most trustworthy solvent trap wholesaler, then you have come to the right place. 

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